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Lounge club “Wunder Bar”

"Wunder Bar" is the lounge club located in the city of Aktobe, Kazakhstan. This is one of the most extravagant institutions of the city with unique scenery and a three-meter statue of Buddha in the center of the hall.

The services "Star Syndicate Ukraine" for lounge club "Wunder Bar" are:

  • Development of marketing strategy of start of the first in Aktobe lounge club "Wunder Bar".• Development of marketing strategy of start of the first in Aktobe lounge club "Wunder Bar".
  • Creating of a brand of the first lounge club in Aktobe "Wunder Bar". Drawing up brand beech and corporate style (2012)
  • Creation of rules of graphic visualization for lounge club "Wunder Bar". This is also continued support of graphic advertizing activity by "Wunder Bar", regular preparation of models in print media, printing products, POS materials.
  • Regular script development and preparation audio-and videos for advertizing needs lounge club "Wunder Bar".
  • Development, support and advance of the Internet site lounge club "Wunder Bar" www.wunderbar.kz
  • Annual planning and monthly preparation of media plans of placement printing, audio-and video advertizing for lounge club "Wunder Bar".
  • Organization of advance lounge club "Wunder Bar" in print media. Organization of a constant column of the chef of restaurant in the newspaper of “Diapazon”. The organization of covering of events lounge club in print media.
  • Planning and the organization of carrying out advertizing campaigns for lounge club "Wunder Bar".




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