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“Olzha” hypermarket

"Olzha" is the first hypermarket in the Western Kazakhstan. The shop area is more than 6 500 sq.m. Daily attendance consists of over than 3 500 customers. It is open in July, 2009.

The services "Star Syndicate Ukraine" for “Olzha” hypermarket are:

  • The analysis of the market and the competitive environment before start of the first in the Western Kazakhstan “Olzha” hypermarket (2007)
  • Development of marketing strategy of start of the first hypermarket.
  • Development of a brand of the first in the Western Kazakhstan hypermarket.
  • Development and maintenance of loyalty program for a network of hypermarkets.
  • Creation of rules of graphic visualization for the first network of hypermarkets.
  • Continued support of graphic advertizing activity of "Olzha". Regular preparation of models in print media, on billboards, printing products, POS materials.
  • Development, support and advance of the Internet site of a network of “Olzha” hypermarkets of www.olzha.kz
  • Annual and quarterly sociological researches.
  • Annual drawing up the marketing plan.
  • Regular script development and preparation audio-and videos for advertizing needs of a network of “Olzha” hypermarkets.
  • Annual planning and monthly preparation of media plans of placement printing, audio-and video advertizing for a network of “Olzha” hypermarkets.
  • Planning and the organization of carrying out advertizing campaigns for a network of “Olzha” hypermarkets. Development and control of standards of merchandising.



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